Icon Logistics Overweight and Over Dimension Loads

Icon Logistics are experts at importing and exporting overweight and over-dimensional loads from Dunedin throughout New Zealand and worldwide.

Dunedin Overweight & Over-dimensional Imports & Exports covered

We’ll manage the whole process, from importing to exporting and have the only high-risk wash facility in Otago. With warehousing, container logistics, a high-risk MPI facility with wash and fumigation facilities, you’re in good hands. At Icon Logistics, we plan ahead, no matter the bumps, with any adjustments, we easily adapt to new time frames, certification and logistical solutions.

Logistics for Oversize & Overweight loads

We organise the whole project for you – from specialist low loading heavy haulage to multiple crane points, to piloting, telecom, and lines escort, and all the permits in between. With extensive indoor storage facilities, often, unwanted shipping costs can be minimised without unwanted detention. We are certified, with a highly skilled and qualified team of specialists working on our projects.

Icon Logistics always look ahead, organising permits, shipping, logistics, washdown in our high-risk MPI facility. Every step in the logistics is taken into consideration and can be adjusted. As you work with one logistics provider, having one point of contact easily keeps you up to date with your project.

Over the years, we’ve completed a wide range of logistics projects for overweight and over-dimensional loads including:

  • Vehicles and boats
  • Heavy machinery
  • Cables
  • Generators
  • Infrastructure for hydro-generation and the power sector
  • Infrastructure and machinery for the construction and forestry industries
  • Mining industries infrastructure and machinery
  • Specialist equipment
  • Custom machines, plant material, vehicles, and infrastructure

Icon Logistics have helped move the impossible from A to B. If you’re looking to move anything over dimension or overweight entering or leaving Otago Harbour, Icon Logistics can help. Contact us today.

Stabicraft boats delivered from Bluff to Guatemala (project 1)

 Icon Logistics were engaged with the logistics of two boats from Bluff to Guatemala. Stabicraft boats are world-renowned but built right here in Southland on the Bluff Highway.

The project required precise planning, which really came to the fore when Covid-19 began disrupting shipping.

The aluminium boats were delivered to Dunedin on trailers. As oversize and over-dimensional loads, they were loaded onto flatracks with cranes then they required two visits from our surveyor expert, firstly to map and discuss tie down requirements and photograph then a second visit to sign off and issue a load lashing/securing certificate required by the shipping line for export

Then our plastic wrapping team came in to wrap the boats for protection. Icon Logistics organised heavy haulage with pilots worked with Port planners and delivered both safely into Port on time at a total height of 5.2 metres

At the time, shipping vessels were having major disruptions due to Covid-19 worldwide, with unexpected delays. Icon Logistics were able to change permits, Port movement, cranes and all the little bits of logistics to ensure smooth travelling of these Stabicraft vessels to Guatemala.


Aurora Energy Otago Harbour Cross (project 2)

Aurora Energy needed to replace ageing powerline towers and high voltage lines that spanned from Port Chalmers to Portobello, along with an aging submarine cable that was laid in 1947. The upgrade supplies 728 customers on the Peninsula, including Quarantine Island. Planning and design work started in December 2020. With the custom-fitted Patiki Barge travelling down from Picton to undertake the project.

The high-voltage underground cables were shipped to New Zealand from China, where Icon Logistics then organised everything from heavy haulage, piloting, cranes to lift the cables and storage at their ATF site. One of the cables was so large and heavy, that at 18 tonnes, it didn’t fit inside a shipping container, but on a flat rack. Another cable came in an open roof 20-foot container. At that size, they require specialist low loading heavy haulage, swing lifts, along with multiple points requiring cranes to lift the cable drums.

To meet the Patiki Barge, the cable had to be craned back onto a low loading heavy and taken to the wharf once there it had to be craned onto the barge and then the serious business of laying the underwater power cable could begin.

Icon Logistics are proud to be part of a once-in-a-lifetime project to help improve the stunning natural landscape of Otago Harbour and help Aurora Energy provide safer and more reliable power.

Watch this video by Aurora Energy of the cable being laid: https://vimeo.com/572298817

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