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Container Logistics

Icon Logistics is Otago’s largest road transporter of containers. We have a wide range of equipment for handling and moving containers and the latest in hi-tech support systems to track and monitor their location and progress between points of origin and destination.

We proudly offer a ‘total package’ service to our customers. Once you confirm a job with us, we accept full responsibility for coordinating it from start to finish. We use our full access to Port Otago’s container tracking system (Jade) to determine the status of your container. We liaise with the Port and you to resolve any holds or clearance issues until your container is ready for collection. We then dispatch one of our trucks to pick up the container and to deliver it to your nominated destination. If requested, we take it to an Icon Logistics warehouse facility for devanning and secure storage, and then arrange subsequent delivery to you at a later date.

Container Freight & Logistics Industry Cooperation

Icon Logistics is proud to play the role of ‘big brother’ to the region’s container transport industry. Because we have the largest range of equipment to handle and move containers, we are able to assist other operators with specialist equipment that they need but do not have. Also, because we are not a line haulage operator, we are able to supplement the resources of others to assist rather than compete with them in that market.

This focus on industry cooperation rather than competition underpins our service philosophy; the needs of the customer always come first. Our aim is to exceed expectations in delivering a solution to meet them.